Saturday, May 9, 2009


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What started me off on this new hobby?
I have no real interest in watch-making or watch-repair, and had, down through the years, owned a mere handful of watches. Apart from a replica Rolex that I bought (via a friend) from Bangkok in the 1980's, I only ever had one watch at a time.

My wife-to-be gave me a new Seiko automatic (cal. 7005) for Christmas in December 1972......

.....and I wore it daily until May 1993 when, after leaving a company with whom I had been employed for almost 30 years, I bought myself a "30-year watch".

It was a Seiko SQ100 quartz (cal.7N43) and I used to alternate it and the Christmas gift.

Both watches gave sterling service; the automatic went to a watchmaker's once, to replace a damaged crystal and, at the same time, it was serviced. That watch I still own.

The SQ100 only ever had a service when its battery gave out, and it has only had two replacements in its 16-year life. This watch I recently sold for much less than what I had to pay for it 16 years ago!

So these two watches were the only items I really owned (the fake Rolex gave up the ghost about six months after it was bought....back in the 1980's) until fairly recently, when my interest was piqued by something I saw in a magazine about the Seiko Kinetic range.

And that is the next episode.......

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