Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oh dear.....I've bought another watch! Bellmatic 4006-6030.

I couldn't resist this "Belle" when I saw it advertised for sale on the Seiko & Citizen Watch forum. 
It wasn't specifically because the case is actually gold-plated, not just "gold-tone", but was due more to the fact that the bracelet is an original "coffin" Seiko model, with alternating gold-tone and stainless-steel link sections. These are not common.

So, as I only have one Bellmatic left in my collection, I thought that this would be a nice addition.
The watch arrived today and once the date and time were set and the watch given a couple of gentle shakes, away she went and now, some 10 hours later, is still running sweetly.

The dial, crystal, hands, case and bracelet are in very good condition and the entire item makes for a very handsome timepiece that just screams "1970s"!
My thanks to the gentleman in the USA from whom I bought the "Belle"; I'm delighted with it.

This watch was sold in 2013.


  1. Hi, I have one of these watches that was given to me in 1973 and it still works perfectly. May I ask how much you payed for yours? Jeff.

    1. Around $250, Jeff.
      Made in June, 1970.



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