Sunday, May 10, 2009

Seiko Navigator Timer 6117-6409

The next watch to join the ranks was this June 1972 Seiko Navigator Timer, with the 6117 movement, date-only display and a "GMT" indicator - that fourth (red) hand on the dial.
Of course, the indicator may be used to monitor the time anywhere - it doesn't have to be set to GMT.
This hand completes one rotation of the dial every 24 hours - all the hands align at 12 when that occurs - and the monitored location is set by rotating the crown which in turn moves the internal blue & red bezel around the dial. Align that location's time with the red pointer and SHA-ZAAAM! - you now have that spot monitored continuously.....or at least until you wish to change it.

I picked this watch up pretty cheaply - way less than three figures (in Aussie dollars) - so was really delighted with the purchase. It presents such a cool face, the metalwork is in great shape and I can keep tabs on the hometown time of a friend in the USA.

The internal bezel, with the red & blue segments (indicating 12 hours of daylight - red - and 12 hours of darkness - blue) had some issues, with two segments missing areas of colour, and the watch needed a new crystal plus a service. The watchmaker also found that the crown was non-Seiko and that there was a broken case-spring, so all of these items, with the exception of the paint, were attended to.

Since the photo was taken (before refurbishment) the Navigator has been fitted with a new stainless-steel bracelet and is being worn at least once a week, as I like it very much. It has "wrist presence" and draws comments from younger people more attuned to G-Shock Casios and black & white divers.

This watch screams "1970's" - it could come from no other time period.

UPDATE November 2011.
Here are two "after refurbishment" shots - one as it was received from the watchmaker (Peter Kuhn) and before I found a replacement Seiko bracelet and the other after the bracelet was sourced and fitted, which is the state of the watch today.


  1. G'Day Bruce,
    I have found the info (Seiko Nav timer)informative; I just started paying off $450
    to buy one on lay-by, in Melbourne.
    It's got a 12 month guarantee and is from a reputable dealer, so hopefully the thing is tip-top.
    Coincidentally, I also like the Historic F1
    and plan to look at your other links more closely, when I can.(I'm at a distracting internet Cafe currently)I love Lotuses especially.
    Regarding the watch; it has the original (I think)nice bracelet on it at the moment and I'm looking forward to wearing it with a nice
    black leather strap with perhaps some white stitching.Any recommendations concering
    suppliers (or other opinions)are most welcome.
    Regards, Dave=

  2. Dav,
    Thanks for the comments and my good wishes to you on the ownership of a 1970's Navigator.

    The best that I can recommend for you with regard to watch-bands and bracelets for Seiko watches is this site........

    Run down through the listings (they are dynamic and change daily) and look for watchbands under the 'FS:' prefix.


  3. Bruce,

    I purchased a Seiko Navigator Timer new when I was in my early 20's and still have it today. I am suprised to read the comments from Dave that he is paying $450 for one. I didn't realise old watches like were of much value. That said, mine is still goping stronga nd in good condition all round. I really like the auto wind facility on this watch. Regards TJ.

  4. These watches, in really good condition (not mint, by any means) can bring high prices when compared to their original retail price.

    Hang onto yours!


  5. AnonymousApril 30, 2013 at 10:24 AM

    I am an original owner of a Seiko "Navigator" purchased brand new while stationed at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa on February 1970 at "Tommy's Seiko" Koza City for $29.00 American. Now 33 years later, with a leather replacement band, the watch keeps outstanding time loosing a minute about every month at the most.

    BruceMay 3, 2013 at 6:58 AM

    Hello and thank you for your comment - although I believe that you may have intended for it to refer to my Navigator rather than this vintage Diashock.
    Never mind - if your Navigator is still running nicely after 33 years of use, you have something to treasure.
    As a suggestion I would recommend, if you have not already done so, that you have it cleaned and lubricated by a competent watchmaker and, at the same time, have the seals (case and crown-stem) replaced. The originals will be quite hard and inflexible by now.
    All the best to you.

  6. Any details on that solid link band you have in the last picture of the watch?

    1. I bought it via the Seiko & Citizen Watch forum after putting out a request for a period-correct bracelet.
      From memory it cost about AUS$80 plus postage.

  7. I recently bought a Navigator Timer. The glass is cracked and it has no bracelet. I would like to bring it back to original condition and wear it. Is there somebody 'out there' to advise me how to go about replacing the glass (bezel?).
    Any feed-back would be appreciated. Robert

    1. Robert,
      What I suggest is that you place this request on the Seiko & Citizen Watch forum.
      The link is:-
      A very helpful bunch of people.

    2. Thanks for the reply Bruce. I rang a watchmaker in Canberra the other day and was shocked to hear that a service on my Navigator Timer would cost at least $400. Is that a reasonable quote? Fair dinkum, I had no idea what I was getting into when I bought that baby. Good onya mate. Regards..Robert

    3. Robert,
      I can guess which watchmaker that was but won't mention the name here, of course!
      Please send me a personal email and I can give you some information which may be of help.
      Just replace the words with the symbols.

  8. Hi Bruce and Robert

    I recently found my father's old Navigator after he passed away. I took it to "you know who" in Canberra and for $360 I had it serviced, resealed, glass replaced, pressure tested and bracelet replaced. $400 for a service over the phone without inspecting the item seems a bit rough.

    1. Kayem,
      I agree.
      However, I have learned of a reputable watchmaker, with decades of Seiko experience, located in Hobart.
      I recently had a World Time serviced by him and was delighted with the result and the cost.
      Just Google "The Little Watch Shop".


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